We are ETP.


ETP is the parent company to a collection of exceptional brands in the live event and entertainment technology services industry. Our shared philosophy embraces a distinctive approach to quality, services, and support.

We are integrated audiovisual technology industry leaders driven by client relationships with one simple goal in mind: to build and grow business. We're relentlessly looking for new and innovative ways to do it through groundbreaking technologies or forging new ways to better serve our customers. 

ETP provides the platform to facilitate growth for our brands. We are committed to creating long-term value while being fiscally responsible. Our exciting collection of exceptional companies takes performance to the next level. 


What exactly does this all mean? Let's break it down: 


    A set of complimentary brands in the entertainment technology space enables greater market insight, shared expertise, and increased business opportunities.


  • EXPANDED ASSET inventory

    Broadened resources include a constantly evolving inventory of gear and a level of equipment quality unmatched in the AV industry.


  • measurable VALUE CREATION

    Leveraging physical and intellectual resources for optimized efficiency is at the core of ETP's forward-thinking model.



    The ETP network aspires to be an international presence in the live event, broadcast, and entertainment technology services industries through strategic global partnerships.